Instructions for Candidates

    Students are requested to bring the following on the day of the test :-
    Admit Card (ID Number) provided by the respective Institutions / ETEA.
    Thin Tip Black Marker (Dollar Sketch line marker)
    Clip Board to hold the Answer Sheet.
    • Your ID.Number (Roll No), Name & Test Form (Paper Version A, B, C or D) is already filled on Pink Answer Sheet.
    • Students are requested to take care of the Answer Sheet. i.e., Not bend it etc.
    • Total questions are 200, all compulsory, all carry equal marks.
    • The invigilators during the test will answer NO queries. Understanding the paper is also a part of the test.
    • Each wrong answer will get -1 score, correct answer receives +4 score and unattempted gets 0 score.
    • More than one mark on the same question will be considered wrong.
    • Be sure before you mark your answer, because once you do that, it can not be changed.
    • DO NOT use any type of ERASER or any covering fluids. Any attempts to erase a mark can result in damaging the sheet and hence it will not be marked correctly.
    • Use of Mobile Phones, calculators, calculator watches, scientific or mathematical tables and other electronic device is not allowed.
    • Please use the ROUGH WORK sheet given at the end of question paper for rough work. Do not detach that sheet from the question paper.
    • DO NOT write at the back of the answer sheet.
      DO NOT Tear off any Page of Test Paper; ETEA will Examine each Test Paper

      Correct Way of Marking on the Answer Sheet

      Wrong Way of Marking on the Answer Sheet